PR & Brand Building

strategic counseling

Strategic Counselling and Consulting Services

Building a brand requires a strategic study of the vision board, target audience, competition, and much more. DIwise assists you every step of the way by walking you through your vision board and how you can effectively present your story to get the most benefit from it. Then comes the planning stage. We discuss your objectives and pursuits and where you want to take them. And finally, we provide a step-by-step guide to a pathway to success.
Strategic Counseling and Consulting Services at DIwise is a vertical where difficult questions are asked, answered, and blossomed upon.

Corporate Communication Services

Corporate communication is important to create a brand's unique identity. It is what sets one apart from the competitors. Communication is the key when it comes to building a brand. Our team of experts study, analyse, and decide the tone for our clients' brands. From there, everything that is said or written about is in line with their value propositions. DIwise provides services that position our clients as leaders in their niche.

carporate communication

reputation management

Reputation Management

There are two aspects to building a brand. The first one is in the person’s control. You decide your story, you present it with all that you have, and you keep on doing it to further your business. Another aspect is not in your control because this is the aspect of a viewer, consumer, client, or audience. Not everyone sees everything similarly. What one person finds okay may not sit well with someone else. Hence, reputation management is a consistent process. At DIwise, we make sure that our clients' identities and brands are reflected in the right way.

Crisis Management

In today's world, there is always someone who will find something to amuse themselves with; it often starts with internet trolling. DIwise's Crisis Management Team makes sure to take instant steps and works on various platforms in damage control mode to stop this from happening.

crisis Management

Invester&analyst relationship

Investor and Analyst Relationship

Running a business means keeping the mediums of cash in-flow open so that your stocks and stakeholders are happy. At DIwise, we have a team of experts who will guide you from time to time on how to keep everyone's eyes on your business. Researching where your brand stands in other stakeholders' eyes is also a part of this service.