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Digital Marketing

Making sure the online presence is well received comes under digital marketing. When people are looking for a person with your name or the services you provide on google or other search engines, how do you make sure that these people are diverted to you? For this, there is a process that includes SEO, SEM, Google Ads, PPC, etc. Our experts make sure that all our clients’ digital content is just right to make sure their desired crowd reaches them.
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Content Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing / PPC
• Marketing Analytics
• Email Marketing
• Lead Generation
• Video & Display Advertising
• Mobile Marketing

Social Media

Recent times have made everyone acutely aware of the importance of social media. It is the place to impact and affect the masses most cost-effectively and easily. But utilising social media for all its worth is easier said than done. Keeping up with the latest trends of different platforms and managing the labyrinth that is each social media platform can become a mammoth task when not done by an expert. Our team is always up to date with various social media platforms and trends and comes up with different strategies according to the target audiences and goals of the clients. DIwise provides the following support in social media:

• Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Management

social media

design service

Design Services

A picture speaks louder than words and the visual identity of our clients is very important for both online as well as offline presence.
DIwise has a team of designers, and we will provide you with various things that need to be considered when creating a brand identity.
This includes:
• Visual Identity Graphic Design
• Marketing & Advertising Design
• Logo Design
• Products Packaging Design
• Motion Graphic

Web Development

Creating an online presence has become of utmost importance in today’s world. So, what is it that comes under online presence? It is not just about being up to date with all the social media platforms and their various trends. Creating an online presence means having our clients registered on Google, creating their website, and much more. DIwise provides the following services in this section:
• Dynamic Websites
• Static Websites
• Corporate Websites
• E-Commerce Websites
• Responsive Websites
• Portfolio Websites
• Re-Development Websites
• UI Development
• Website Maintenance

web development